2013-14 University of Jamestown INTRAMURALS

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University of Jamestown Intramural Basketball


Championship Game – Men's Gold Division –

2014 University of Jamestown Intramural Basketball

Untouchables  46   Wet Bandits 43

The 2014 Intramural Basketball season finally came to an end on Sunday as the Untouchables wrapped up their journey through the loser's bracket to claim the Gold Division title over the previously unbeaten Wet Bandits  46-43.  

The Wet Bandits cruised through the regular season at 12-0 and made it 14 straight with wins over the Untouchables 50-38, and Players Club 59-57, to earn a spot in the championships game. 

The Untouchables finished 9-2 during the regular league season to finish 4th.  The Untouchables defeated the Premature Shooters in round one of the tourney, then lost their second game to the Wet Bandits 50-38.  After a win over IDK, the Untouchables downed the Premature Shooters again in 4 overtimes.  They then downed Players Club 41-39 to set up the championship game. The win over The Wet Bandits gave the Untouchables a cumulative record of 14-3, with two of their 3 losses coming to the Wet Bandits. 

Back:  Trent Roemmich, Derek Roemmich, John Tandsater, Sam Faust
Front:  Matt Johnson, Corey Scevers, Chase Marker, Spencer Kamoni

*******     *******       *******

Men's Gold Runner-ups:  The Runnerup Team:  The Wet Bandits
Brady Cameron, Jared Sutherland, Beny Collins, Brock Knodel, Kameron Hunter, Jacob Erbes, and Tucker Bartlett. 

*******     *******       *******

Over the Hill Gang downs the Carols 60-43 for Women's Championship

The Carols provided a challenge, but the Over the Hill Gang prevailed for their 15th win on the season without a loss and the title of women's intramural basketball 2014.  Members of the Championship Team – Over the Hill Gang:  Amber Ramlo, Kelli Olmscheid, Kellie Schuneman, Bridget Schuneman, Amy Joseph, Paige Fredrickson, Molly Artz, Jenna Bayless, Miranda Pearson, Bethany Mello

*******       ********

Kekambas stop No Game for Men's Silver Title

Austin Miley, Casey Glenn, Wes Worthern, Mike Sena, Xavier Munoz, Brad Brooks, Max Arredondo

In an exciting finale, The Kekambas held on to defeat No Game 46-41 to win the 2014 Men's Silver Championship in intramural basketball.  They did it the hard way, losing their first game in the double elim tourney and coming all the way back with 5 straight tournament wins to seize the title.  Members of the Championship Team – Kekambas:  Mike Sena, Casey Glenn, Max Arredondo, Xavier Munoz, Brad Brooks, Austin Miley, and Wes Worthen. 

*******       *******

The Minions Win Bronze Division:

The Minions are the first 2014 UJ intramural championship team crowned as they defeated the 69ers 33-30 in the title game on Sunday.  The Minions won 3 straight games in the tourney – 2 over the 69ers.  Members of the Championship Team – The Minions:  Cody Ptacek, Alex Looysen, Sam DellaMonica, Alex Hernandez, Alex Breitbach, Nick Erickson, and Gavin Farley 

University of Jamestown Intramural Basketball Scoreboard

Wednesday – April 9 – TOURNAMENT – SIXTH NIGHT
Over The Hill Gang  60  The Carols  43 – WOMEN'S  DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP GAME


 Sunday – April 6 – TOURNAMENT – FIFTH NIGHT
Untouchables  41   Player's Club  39
Kekambas  45  Flight Brothers  42

The Carols   38   Ball Busters  34

 Wednesday – April 2 – TOURNAMENT – FOURTH NIGHT
Kekambas   51   Staff Infection  49 
Wet Bandits  59   Players Club  57
69ers    46   Ball Boys  26
Untouchables  56   Premature Shooters  53  (4 Overtimes)
Over the Hill Gang  69   Ball  Busters  39
The Carols  47   VolleyBALLERS  34 

University of Jamestown Intramural Basketball Scoreboard

 Sunday – March 30 – TOURNAMENT – THIRD NIGHT
Ball Boys  35   Parks & Wreck  32
Premature Shooters  52   Between the Legs  46
Untouchables  64  IDK   28
No Game  2  Flight Brothers  0  (forfeit)
Staff Infection   50   #TheReturn  31
Kekambas   78    Bosh.0   49
Minions  49   69ers   40 
VolleyBALLERS  2   Beat N Skeet  0  (forfeit)
The Carols  28   Toon Squad  24 

Wednesday – March 26 – TOURNAMENT – SECOND NIGHT
Flight Brothers  48   #TheReturn  46
Staff Infection  2   Kilgore & Krew  0   (forfeit)
Wet Bandits  50   Untouchables  38
Players Club  53   Between the Legs   45
Kekambas  73  Honey Badgers  54
69ers   55   Ball Boys   36
Parks & Wreck  31   Tropics   23
No Game  48   Bosh.0  44
Ball Busters   51   Toon Squad  39
Over the Hill Gang  74   VolleyBALLERS  43 


Ball Boys  44   Tropics 40
#TheReturn  41   Kekambas  37 (Overtime)
Minions  53   Parks & Wreck  25
Bosh.0  54  Staff Infection  47  (Overtime)
Players Club  63   IDK  36
Untouchables  47   Premature Shooters  37
Flight Brothers   71   Honey Badgers  43
No Game  41   Kilgore & Krew  34

VolleyBALLERS  52  Carols   46
Ball Busters  46   Beat N Skeet  15


*******       *******       *******       *******       *******

2013 Volleyball

Staff Infection, Block Party, and Setting Ducks Survive Tournament to Earn 2013 University of Jamestown Intramural Volleyball Championships

Championship night began with You'll Never Get this defeating Danimals 21-6, 19-21, 15-8 to advance to the final against undefeated Staff Infection.  Staff Infection made it quick with a 21-9, 21-17 sweep of You'll Never Get This to complete the entire season unbeaten at 13-0 to secure the title.  
 Members of the 2013 Gold Division Intramural Champions:
STAFF INFECTION  -  Kelsey Titus, Pat Yatskis, Emilee Schutta, Kaitlyn Rogalla, Blaze Culliton, Travis Warner, Julia Warner, Lauren Yatskis.   

Block Party won the championship the hard way.  They started the evening by eliminating the NARPS 24-22, 21-13.  They then had to defeat the unbeaten team – To Kill a Blocking Nerd – twice.  Which is exactly what they did – by scores of 21-14, 21-11 and 21-23, 21-8, 16-14.  Block Party finished the tourney on a 5-match winning streak and ended the whole season at 11-5 to win the Silver Division Title:
 Members of the 2013 Silver Division Intramural Champions:
 BLOCK PARTY – Jared Sutherland, Colton Harkins, Carley Ward, Connie Miller, Krista Primus, Jessie Laddusaw, Drew Larsen, Sean Peters

Real Friggin Old earned the right to play in the finale by defeating Serves You Right 21-12, 21-16.   Then Setting Ducks finished an unbeaten tournament run by downing the old timers 25-23, 21-16 for the championship of the Bronze.  The four straight tourney wins raised their season mark to 7-6. 
 Members of the 2013 Bronze Division Intramural Champions:
 SETTING DUCKS – Michael Gordon, Katie Bjertness, Jackie Thomas, Miranda Charley, Kalai Lundquist, Craig Anderson, Tyler Spanton, Kyle Shaikoski


*******       *******       *******       *******       *******


2013 Men's Championship - Football




The "Untouchables" proved to be named appropriately, as they cruised through the regular season unbeaten and then swept to 3 wins in the playoffs to finish at 11-0 overall.   The Untouchables defeated the Comebacks 10-6 in the championship game on a chilly Thursday night.  The Comebacks won twice and lost twice in the playoffs to finish their season at 6-6.  Both playoff losses were to the eventual champions. 

Members of the 2013 Flag Football Championship Team –
The Untouchables:  Corey Scevers, Matt Swanson, Sam Faust, Darren Iseri, Chase Marker, Joe Fabro, Dan Revering, Jeff Hamann, John Tandsater, Erik Peterson, Spencer Kamoni, and Allen (AJ) Downs.

2013 Women's Championship - Football
Lifesavers Win Back-to-Back Intramural Flag Football Championships

Lady Magic came to play on Wednesday night, but the Lifesavers came from behind to secure a 4-3 victory in the Championship game of 2013 Women's Flag Football at the University of Jamestown. 

The Lifesavers – a team made up of basically senior Nursing students – won their second straight title.  The Lifesavers also wrapped up an unbeaten 6-0 season. 

Members of the Championship Team – The Lifesavers are:
Miranda Charley, Katie Bjertness, Jess Kope, Kelsey Smith, Jackie Thomas, Kalai Lundquist, Amy Buxa, MeLisa Roaldson, Vanessa Polries, Molly Artz, Casey Geffre, Lynnea Lass, Brandy Martinez, and Melanie Etter

*******       *******       *******       *******       *******

2012 Men's Championship - Thursday, October 11, 2012

Prestige Worldwide is the 2012 Champion of UJ Men's Flag Football.

Prestige Worldwide defeated Back That Pass Up 8-5 on Thursday night in the championship game of Intramural Flag Football.

Members of the Championship Team: Prestige Worldwide

Brian Sinner, Kyle Heim, Zec Tahran, Tucker Bartlett, Matt Swanson, Matt Nies, Alex Looysen, Dakotah Walker, Andrew Peterson, Scott Roemmich



Women's Championship - Monday, October 8, 2012

The Lifesavers are the 2012 Champions of UJ Women's Flag Football. Their name may come from the fact that most of the members of the team are Nursing Students.

The Lifesavers defeated Lady Magic 5-4 in overtime in the second championship game on Monday night.  The same two teams met in the first championship battle last Monday with the The Lifesavers coming out on top 6-4.

Members of the Championship Team: The Lifesavers: 

Vanessa Polries, Jackie Thomas, Amy Buxa , Kelsey Smith, Molly Artz, Lynnea Lass, Kalai Lundquist , Hannah Langseth, Miranda Charley , Jess Kope, Brandi Martinez, Katie Bjertness


*******       *******       *******       *******       *******

University of Jamestown Intramural Basketball 2013

Honey Mustard Crowned 2013 Women's Intramural Basketball Champions

The team called Honey Mustard All Star Cream Dream Team came to play on Wednesday night, needing a two game sweep over the unbeaten Bigg  Ballz team to claim the title.  Honey Mustard need overtime to pull out a win in the first championship game by the score of 40-37.  Honey Mustard had a little more cushion in the final - final with a 48-35 victory.  Honey Mustard and Bigg Ballz tied for the regular season title with 9-1 records.  Bigg Ballz ended their season at 11-2.  Honey Mustard finished with the championship and an overall record of 13-2.   Members of the Championship Honey Mustard TeamCaptain Miranda Charley, Jen Knake, Jackie Thomas, Kayla Purrington, Jenna Bayless, Amy Buxa, Paige Fredrickson, Kelli Olmscheid, Molly Artz, Kellie Schunemann, Kalia Lundquist. 

 School Bus Blind Wins the 2013 Men's Gold Division Basketball Title

School Bus Blind finished an unbeaten regular season at 10-0 and cruised to a win in their first tournament game, before being upset by Staff Infection in the unbeaten game.  School Bus Blind regrouped and elimated Too Many Roemmichs in the semifinal game before defeating Staff Infection twice on Wednesday night to win it all.  Scores of the two championships games favored School Bus Blind 48-36 and 44-28.  School Bus Blind finished the season at 14-1, while Staff Infection ended at 11-5.  Members fo the Champioship School Bus Blind team:  Captain Justin Kangas, Cole Lauinger, Jacob Erbes, Anthony Finstad, Tom O'Neill, Derrick Dohmann, Brock Knodel, Kam Hunter. 

No Worries maneuvered their way unbeaten through the Silver Division tournament to win the championship over Green Gang 52-43 on Sunday night.   Chris Johnson scored 25 of the 52 points to lead No Worries to their 3rd tourney win.  Green Gang won 3 and lost 2 during the tournament – both losses to No Worries

Members of the Championship Team – No WorriesCaptain Kenny Allen, CJ Costello, Ivan Gonzalez, Christopher Johnson, Antonio Martina, Myles Hicks, Jarelle Miller, AJ Downs 

*******       *******       *******       *******       *******


2012 Intramural Volleyball


The top level of competition – the Gold Division – was won by the Dorm Tenders – consisting of head residents in the campus residence halls.  The Dorm Tenders were upset early in the tourney after winning the regular season title, so had to come through the back door in the double elimination tournament.  3 teams remained as Sunday night began.  The Dorm Tenders eliminated Rough Sets by scores of 21-7, 21-11.  In the first championship game, The Dorm Tenders knocked You'll Never Get This from the unbeaten ranks by scores of 21-7, 19-21, 15-8.  The champions then completed the Sunday 3-game sweep by defeating You'll Never Get This again in the second championship game  by scores of 21-23, 21-19, 15-10.  The Dorm Tenders ended the season with a total record of 14-2.

Members of the championships team: 
Julia Warner, Lauren Yatskis, Pat Yatskis, Kelsey Aden, Travis Warner, Kelan Moser, Jessica Moser.

*******       *******

The Itsy Bitsy Spikers cruised throught the Silver Divison – the lower division – of the tournament with 4 straight wins.  They were ranked 15th overall of 18 teams and were seeded 6th in the 9 team field in the Silver Division, but they put a run together to win the playoffs.  The championship night began with 3 teams alive.  Nikki's Team defeated Jen's Juggling Juggernaut 21-19, 21-17 to advance to the finals, where they succumbed to the Itsy Bitsy Spikers in a hard fought match by scores of 21-23, 21-14, 15-10.

Members of the Championship team: 
Miranda Charley, Jackie Thomas, Kirsten Albrecht, Kalai Lindquist, Maria Simonsen, Jeremy Cole, Kyle Schaikoski, Lance Johnson, Chris Sharp, Michael Gordon.

*******       *******       *******       *******       *******


2013 Homecoming Fun Run


Homecoming 5K Fun Run 2012


Homecoming Run 2011 Results


2010 Homecoming 5K results




Caitlyn Arnold wins 2013 UJ Intramural Cross Country Student Division,

Bethany Mello wins Faculty-Staff Division

Caitlyn Arnold (senior – Esmond, ND) won her 3rd straight UJ Intramural Cross Country Individual title, running the 5K on-campus course in 23:30 on a cold, windy, and wet Homecoming morning.   Nursing professor Bethany Mello also repeated, winning her second straight title in the women's faculty-staff division.  Bethann Milton was second and Annie Schmaltz third in the women's college intramural race.  Samantha Culliton was runnerup in the women's faculty-staff division.  The weather apparently scared out the guys as no men competed in the student or faculty-staff divisions. 

Open Division (for Alumni and Friends):
1987 graduate Paul Sampers was the overall winner of the race with a time of 20:07.  Paul, a former track and cross country standout for the Jimmies still holds the school record in the 800 meters.   The women's open champion was  Becca Kourajian.

2013 University of Jamestown Intramural  Cross Country Results

Women (Student Division):    5000 Meters
1.            Caitlyn Arnold                    23:30
2.            Bethann Milton                24:19
3.            Annie Schmaltz                 25:05
4.            Paige Meyer                      30:29
5.            Sydney Johnson               30:30
6.            Casey Geffre                     31:22
7.            MeLisa Roaldson              31:52
8.            Taylor Lammers                38:02
9.            McKaela Larson                38:05

Men (Student Division)

Women (Faculty-Staff Division)   (5000 meters)
1.            Bethany Mello                  24:19
2.            Samantha Culliton           26:58

Men (Faculty-Staff Division)     

Open Division (Alumni and Friends – Women)  (5000 meters)
1.            Becca Kourajian                28:21
2.            Eva Allen                              30:05
3.            DJ Johnson                         31:26
4.            Katie Kachel Florhaug     32:06
5.            Becca Rost Pederson      34:06