Champions of Character

The National association of Intercollegiate Athletics' Champions of Character provides training to ensure student-athletes know, do and value the right things in all areas of life. The five core values: integrity, respect, responsibility, sportsmanship and servant leadership are put into play, accounted for and tracked at all NAIA schools.


As an NAIA institution, University of Jamestown has developed a Champions of Character campus program that includes:

  • Ongoing character education for all student-athletes using the Champions of Character Live 5 orientation program.
  • Professional development for coaches, athletics administrative staff including completion of the Character-Driven Coaching course.
  • Emphasis on hospitality and game management of athletics events and conduct in competition.
  • Servant leadership activities that promote student leadership and athletic community engagement.
  • Ongoing oversight and assessment of progress in the program's implementation by both the University of Jamestown and the NAIA.

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NAIA Champions of Character - Live 5 Link!


Integrity: Student-athletes know and do what is right.

Respect: Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Responsibility: Embrace opportunities to contribute to the team's goals.

Sportsmanship: Bringing your best to all competitions.

Servant Leadership: Serving the common good. Inspire and help others to grow, succeed and lead.



As a member of the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA), the University of Jamestown participates in the Association's Champions of Character program.

The program is built upon five core values, which are: Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Servant Leadership, and Sportsmanship.

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The University of Jamstown athletic teams demonstrate each of these values during the season, including performing at least one community service project per team each school year.

The University of Jamestown sports teams are active members of the community and support a number of programs on an annually basis including:


Hoops for Heart

Elementary Reading Program

Food Drive for Stutsman County Food Bank

Trick or Can for the Food Bank

YMCA Halloween Party

Dig Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness

Youth Football & Open Gym Coaching/Supervision

Biddy Ball Basketball Camp

Jimmie Juniors Basketball Coaching

Jimmie Baseball Camp

Booster Club Family Fun Night

Additionally, the University of Jamestown recognizes the following senior student-athletes or teams for representing Jimmie Athletics in the spirit of Servant Leadership:

2013: Jack Bietz (Golf), Jared Sutherland (Basketball), Kyle Blumenshine (Football), Nicole Stein (Golf), Stephanie Erlandson (Track & Field)

2012: Jada Meiklejohn (Volleyball)

2011:   Sam Revering (Volleyball), Men's & Women's Track & Field Teams (National NAIA Award)
2010:   Women's Basketball Team (National NAIA Award)
2009:   Heidi FIechtner (Basketball)
2008:   Jeremy Burgard (Baseball), Chrisy Lussenden (Track & Field)
2007:   Renee Buysee (Volleyball), Men's Wrestling Team (National NAIA Award)
2006:   Jenn Maus (Basketball)